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•12x12" Metal Print or 20x20" Gliclée Paper Print

•12x12" printed on HD quality glossy metal comes with National Park Guide (20x20" size is dropshipped directly to you & does not include guide, but per request we'll mail you one if you reach out to

•Clay petal shaped sculptures of the National Parks come together to create a textured, vibrant sunflower composition-perfect for bringing adventure to your walls!

•10% of all profits are donated to the National Park Foundation


Little Mountain Sunflower Clayscape Print

  • Earth Clay gladly accepts returns & exchanges. For more information on Earth Clay's cancellation, exchange, & return policies please visit the FAQ & Policy Page.

  • •The texture, color, & depth captured in the original clayscape is expertly printed on the highest quality HD metal

    •From a distance, this art print looks like a vibrant sunflower, but as you draw nearer, you'll begin to notice the tiny landscapes sculpted into every petal, each representing a specific National Park!

    •This high quality art print is the perfect addition to any wall, shelf, mantle or desk. Frame this art print or simply set on an easle for a beautiful accent to any space in your office, apartment, home, or dorm room! 

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